Photo of a couple in a doctor's office during a consultation as a featured image for a post about ways to support your loved one going through cancer therapy.

How to Support Your Loved One Going through Cancer Therapy

By Jassica Mendez A person battling cancer greatly benefits from the love and encouragement of friends and loved ones during treatment and recovery. However, even if they mean well, people who have never dealt with cancer themselves can’t fully comprehend its mental and physical toll on a patient. So how can you best help and […]

In Business and In Life, Bird-dog Everything

By John Gerstner, Employee Benefits and Communications Specialist  Have you tried to cancel a subscription, or make a simple change to a service and find out weeks later it wasn’t done? Welcome to bird-dogging as a critical life skill. Let me define my definition of bird-dogging. To me it simply means checking back to make […]