New Year’s Resolution: Be Grateful

Yes, 2020 was been quite a year for all of us. But as the Corinthians chapter of the Bible says, “This too shall pass.” Despite the pain and difficulties presented by 2020, the healthiest thing we can do is to approach the new year with a spirit of gratefulness. There are actually scientifically-proven evidence that […]

Health Insurance That Sends You Checks

Insureous Health Solutions has just signed with a new, innovative carrier that’s great for individuals, small businesses, and self-employed professionals. It is a very benefit-rich, comprehensive plan that covers any illness or accident at very affordable premiums. If fact, plans can be customized to meet your budget and it comes with an array of tools […]

Get help picking a health plan before December 15

We’re in open enrollment and if you need help picking a plan, Insureous Health Solutions is standing by to help. We are Marketplace-registered agents and can help you enroll in a health care plan for 2021.  Depending on your household income, you may qualify for a subsidy that can bring down the cost of plans […]

How to Kick the Tires on a Health Plan: A Simple 5-point Checklist

Deciding which health insurance plan to buy is a bit like bobbing for apples. You can’t stay submerged in the minutia too long or you’ll drown of frustration. Before you get sick digesting all the fine print, there are some components of a health plan benefit summary that are critical and others not so much. […]

6 Tricks to Make Yourself Drink More Water

Sure water is the liquid bread of life. We all know that humans must drink water to survive. But with all the liquid alternatives crowding grocery shelves – from energy drinks to sugary sodas, how to we make sure we drink enough of that plain and tasteless liquid every day to maintain good health? Factoid […]