Photo of a couple in a doctor's office during a consultation as a featured image for a post about ways to support your loved one going through cancer therapy.

How to Support Your Loved One Going through Cancer Therapy

By Jassica Mendez A person battling cancer greatly benefits from the love and encouragement of friends and loved ones during treatment and recovery. However, even if they mean well, people who have never dealt with cancer themselves can’t fully comprehend its mental and physical toll on a patient. So how can you best help and […]

In Business and In Life, Bird-dog Everything

By John Gerstner, Employee Benefits and Communications Specialist  Have you tried to cancel a subscription, or make a simple change to a service and find out weeks later it wasn’t done? Welcome to bird-dogging as a critical life skill. Let me define my definition of bird-dogging. To me it simply means checking back to make […]

Don’t worry, and other health tips for April

Stressed at work? An expert shares tips to beat burnout. Set healthy boundaries. Practice mindful meditation. Go for a walk. Top Tips to Determine Your Personal COVID-19 Risk. Join the Booster Club What’s the Best Sleeping Position for Digestion? Sleeping on the left side lowers acid from  backing up into the esophagus. Avoid back sleeping. […]

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End Sleep Deprivation – and Other Top Health tips for February

End Sleep Deprivation! 11 Tips that Work Even for New Moms.  5 Habits to Extend Your Life  6 Ways to Lose Belly Fat  You’ve ALREADY has Covid! Here are the Signs.  Lower Your Cholesterol with These 8 Diet Tips  10 Ways to Be Happy!  How is the Pandemic Changing Your Body?

Is Telemedicine for you?

Whether we are aware of it or not, COVID-19 has forced many dramatic changes in healthcare. One trend has accelerated like no other since the pandemic began: telemedicine. There are good reasons including these: No transportation time or costs. No need to take time off of work. Eliminate child or elder care issues. On-demand options. […]