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The Power of Starting Early

How As Little As $100/month Can Grow to Over $1 Million

Have you thought about your retirement goals and how much money you will need to achieve them?

Are you concerned about market volatility and the impact it may have on your retirement savings?

Do you have any dependents or loved ones who would be financially impacted if something were to happen to you?

These are serious questions that deserve serious thought. And the answer is always different because everyone’s life situation is different. At the same time, we’re in the midst of some dark financial clouds that call for new approaches to saving and investing.

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We believe every family should be able to take advantage of the same financial resources and tools as the wealthy. No family left behind.

As you can see in the chart below, even a small monthly investment can grow to a significant sum over time due to the power of compounding. By starting to invest early and consistently, you can take advantage of the time horizon and potentially accumulate a substantial amount of wealth by the time you reach retirement age.

Monthly InvestmentYears InvestedPotential Return @ 7%Potential Return @ 10%Potential Return @ 12%