Insureous now in 16 states

Insureous is now licensed in: Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin. We are writing group and individual plans, in and off Exchange. Call, email us, use the contact us form for help in finding the best plan for you, your family or group. […]

Are you happy with your employer health insurance?

Are you completely happy with the cost and coverage of your company’s group health insurance plans? How about the service your agent provides?  Or maybe you have yet to tip your toe into the employee benefits pool, thinking you can’t afford it or that your employees aren’t interested. If any of these questions strike a […]

The Cost of Dying: Are you prepared?

Are you prepared if the unforeseen should happen? Do you know the cost for funerals today? It might help you to know that the minimum cost for final expenses are $15,000. However that might not be enough to see your family through tough times when other expenses (i.e., mortgage, car notes, childcare, college, etc.,) are […]

COVOD-19 symptoms

COVID Resources by Carrier

All of our Insureous carriers have moved fast to put in place programs and policies to cover all COVID-19 claim events. To make it easy for clients to get the most recent information we have compiled this list of COVID-19 Resources by carrier. Click any of the links below if you have questions about getting […]