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How Getting Outdoors Can Help Your Finances

It’s natural to think a daily touch with nature can help you improve your physically and mentally, but financially? How?

Well, it turns out being in nature can create a unique state of present-moment awareness. This restores what we need to think, de-stress, figure things out in peace.

The Japanese call it “forest bathing.” You find a place near trees or where you are surrounded by nature. Walk slowly or sit somewhere comfortable. Become aware of your senses. Avoid distractions such as talking or using your phone. Focus on something that interests you. Be curious. Have fun. Breath and savor.

And how does this help your finances?

According to a University of Michigan study: “Think of that short walk outside as a high-return investment in yourself. Those 20 minutes in the park may cause you to pump out 20 widgets instead of the 18 you would have done had you tried to power through the day in burnout mode. And perhaps those widgets would be more creatively designed.

And listen to Anthony Isola, in his blog post, Nature is a Terrific Wealth Builder: “Keeping a clear head during inevitable Bear Markets is where fortunes are made and lost. While there is no guarantee, investors who practice forest bathing are better armed to combat the media’s assault on their senses. The ability to distinguish signals from noise and choose suitable sources for financial guidance is the portfolio equivalent of the nirvana of data processing.

“Who would’ve thought trees and flowers are just as crucial to your portfolio as stocks and bonds?”

And that’s the answer to why connecting to nature can lead to better decisions about your finances. It’s as simple as that.