10 things you can do to support local businesses without leaving your house

Insureous is all about keeping small businesses intact through the current adversity. Here are 10 little things you can do to help local businesses. Buy gift cards to use later Shop locally online Order food for deliver or takeout from local restaurants Donate online to local charities Rate businesses you love with 5 stars on […]

Are you insured for CORONOVIRIS?

Insureous is following the escalating Cornavirus pandemic along with the rest of world. If you’re wondering, a corona type (2019-nCoV) disease is NOT a pre-existing condition for any carriers. In the unlikely event that you or any of your dependents covered by your policy requires hospitalization the cost will be met by your plan. In […]

Win a free gas $25 card

Insureous is in the business of helping put in place employee benefit packages that allow employees to protect those they care about most and help employers and employees save valuable tax dollars. To help us spread the word, we’re offering a free $25 gas card for every business owner you know that we are able […]

Your business may qualify for the small-business health care tax credit

Employers with fewer than 25 full-time equivalent employees may be eligible for a tax credit to partially offset their cost of helping employees pay for health coverage through a Small Business Health Options Program exchange. Newly released rules from the IRS apply to plans for 2017 and later. See if you qualify for a tax […]

Pro and Cons of Offering Employee Benefits

Employee benefits just add to employer costs, right? So why should an employer offer them? Below are some considerations to weigh when deciding if providing employee benefits will also benefit your business. THE PROs * A benefits package, especially one that offers good health insurance, helps attract and retain quality employees. * Businesses get the […]

Why offering supplemental insurance is a sound business strategy

With benefit plans capturing an increasing share of most small business’s budgets, supplemental insurance offerings can be part of an effective strategy to provide protection and value for employees at an affordable cost. Voluntary plans can also help small businesses in attracting and retaining top talent in today’s increasingly competitive market, according to Jay Starkman, CEO […]