How to claim your $60 Wellness Benefit

Yes, there’s money to be made by just going to see your doctor. At least that’s true if you have an Aflac accident, hospital indemnity or cancer insurance policy.

Your Aflac wellness claim pays you money for staying on top of your health by getting yearly checkups and medical screenings such as physicals, dental exams and eye tests. After the policy has been in force for 12 months, Aflac will pay $60 if you or any family member undergoes routine examinations or other preventive testing during the following policy year.

You can file your wellness claim online at or through the MyAflac® mobile app
available for Apple and Android devices.

Once you’ve logged into your account, go to “File a Claim”, select “Physician visits, routine
or preventative services” and follow the steps.

There’s no uploading required. All you need is your doctor’s contact information, date of your visit, and the health exam performed. If you would prefer to fill in and fax your claim, you can download the form here.

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