6 Good Reasons to Offer Employee Health Insurance

If you’re a business owner that has never offered employee benefits, you’re not alone. Just about half of U.S. companies will fewer than 100 employers provide small business health insurance. You’re also not obligated to offer insurance if you have less than 50 full-time employees.

But if you’re on the fence about offering group health insurance for your employees, this is a great time to jump. With Covid still in our midst more employees are asking about — and expecting — employers to help them get insurance that will protect them from disaster if disaster strikes.

Here are 6 good reasons small businesses should consider offering group health insurance to their staff:

  1. Minimize turnover and improve employee recruitment and retention. It is a well-known fact that an employee considers benefit options when making their employment decision. Not offering any benefits can be a deal-breaker for top talent.
  2. Improved wellness and productivity. Health insurance makes employees healthier, simply for the fact that they are more likely to see a doctor when something goes wrong such as an illness or accident. Employees can get annual wellness checks for free, which keeps them healthier and more productive on the job.
  3. Positive culture. Harvard Business Review studied the keys to creating a positive workplace culture and found two important ingredients: care for colleagues as if they were friends and provide support when they are struggling. Offering health insurance and retirement benefits sends that message loud and clear.
  4. Tax advantages. Employers can deduct 100% of its employer health insurance costs as a business expense. Further, the portion of the premiums that employees pay can also be set up for pre-tax deductions, giving your employees tax advantages as well.
  5. Advantages for your family. Group health plans with major carriers can be set up with as few as four employees. And enrolling in your own group plan usually costs less and gives you better benefits than a similar individual plan you might purchase.
  6. Setting up benefits is cheaper and easier than you may think. Insureous Health Solutions has tried and true processes that simplify the decision-making and enrollment for you and your employees. We even have online enrollment so employees can enroll on their cell phone or home computer and not miss any work time. Contact us at 904-295-8498 to get started.

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