Health Insurance That Sends You Checks

Insureous Health Solutions has just signed with an innovative indemnity carrier that’s great for individuals, small businesses, and self-employed professionals.

It is a very benefit-rich, comprehensive plan that covers any illness or accident at very affordable premiums. If fact, plans can be customized to meet your budget and it comes with an array of tools encouraging smart healthcare shopping.

The plan includes medical and prescription drug cards. Value-add services include a healthcare hotline, Teladoc and a healthcare concierge service that helps you take charge of your healthcare costs.

The plan allows you to use any doctor or hospital, but if you stay in network and shop around for your health needs, the plan benefit may exceed the cost of service. In that case, you will receive a check back from the insurance company. How many insurance companies do that?

Available in most states. Call 904-295-8498 for a quick quote for you, your family or company employees.