Health Insurance on Sale

If you know anyone who is still without health insurance, this is the time to shop for plans. The American Rescue Plan Act significantly expanded subsidies for people buying their own insurance on the Affordable Care Act Marketplace. Anyone who receives unemployment benefits this year can qualify for zero-premium health insurance through the exchanges, regardless of income. The price cuts available on are set to run out August 15.

Insureous Health Solutions has been helping many people take advantage of the higher subsidies. Depending on annual income, some individuals and families are now saving hundreds of dollars a month. Others are changing from plans costing $100 a month or more for to equivalent benefit zero-dollar plans.

Before the American Rescue Plan changes, people with incomes greater than 400% of the federal poverty level typically didn’t qualify for subsidies to reduce their premiums. Now people with incomes up to 600% of the poverty level — up to $76,560 for a single person or $157,200 for a family of four — can qualify, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

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