15 Key Questions about Medicare

If you’re approaching age 65, the good news is you qualify to enroll in Medicare. The bad news is that you have a maze of questions to answer before you decide what each component of Medicare covers and whether you should enroll in traditional Medicare, Medicare Advantage or a Medicare Supplement plan.

Here is a list of the key questions Medicare-eligible clients are asking:

  1. What are the biggest changes to Medicare in 2021?
  2. Are Medicare Advantage plans any good?
  3. Are Medicare Supplement plans worth it?
  4. Can Medicare drop you?
  5. What does Medicare Part A and B cover?
  6. What Medicare plan covers prescriptions?
  7. When is Medicare enrollment? (See It’s that time of year)
  8. Which Medicare plan is best?
  9. Will Medicare pay for hearing aids?
  10. Will Medicare pay for a Covid test?
  11. Does Medicare to pay for home care?
  12. Should I get Medicare or employer insurance?
  13. Are Medicare premiums tax deductible?
  14. Are Medicare premiums based on income?
  15. What Medicare plan covers dental?

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